Once upon a time

Once upon a time...
(one hotel, one family, one story)
la famiglia BulferettiOnce upon a time...
All stories begin this way, and so does Hotel Mirella’s: once upon a time, it wasn’t a hotel but rather a boarding house created in the home of Andrea Bulferetti’s parents, Omobono Bulferetti and his wife Luigina. The house was rented out only in the summer because, lacking central heating, it was impractical in the winter. But one fine day, while Omobono carried out his work as a construction artisan, Luigina, who had already raised seven children, decided to capitalize on her natural talent for hospitality. It was during the sixties, during a full economic boom, and vacations were becoming increasingly important. Even the mountain towns had to adapt to new demands. So, the two apartments were merged to create a dining area and 12 rooms with hot/cold water in each: it was the Mirella Guest House.
The adventure had begun. Within the next few years, those twelve rooms had become inadequate, and so in 1965 six others were built. Three years later, a wing was added which included a 100-seat dining room for guests and other customers alike. Hotel Mirella was born, and from the very beginning it had to keep up with the times. There was growing demand for a place that had private bathrooms in each room and the dilemma was whether to expand the existing structure, or to create an entirely new one. Ultimately, after careful planning, they decided to keep the original structure, creating a new hotel adjacent to it designed by the architect Giorgio Monico (originally from Milan, but with a long-standing connection with Ponte di Legno), with sixty rooms, a spacious restaurant hall, a pool, lounge, and tavern, around a large park and two tennis courts. An absolutely cutting edge idea for that time.
And so construction began in March 1973, and in June of 1974, after little more than 14 months, Hotel Mirella opened to the public - unfortunately Omobono Bulferetti was not in attendance, as he had passed away not ten days before. But all of his children had already chosen their vocations: some in tourism, some in real estate.