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Mirella's Pastries, a great tradition of the highest quality

Il maestro Andrea Sandrini

The pastry tradition at Mirella goes hand in hand with the hotel's history, beginning right after its conception. It dates back to the time when there was a great protagonist: the historic pastry chef Pasquale.
Pasquale Zingarelli, an elderly man with the predilection for satisfying the palate through the art of baking, woke the guests of Mirella, over the years, with the inviting scent of his croissants, strudels and cakes. A sweet dawn, day after day.

Though Pasquale is no longer with us, his tradition lives on in Andrea Sandrini. For a while now, Andrea has assumed the role of master pastry chef at Mirella: for 16 years he worked under Pasquale as a shadow, in a way. He learned Pasquale's secrets and recipes, and shared in his decisions. Later, he spent a few months in Brescia, to hone his craft – especially in the visual aspect, that of presentation – under another great maestro of contemporary confectionary, Iginio Massari.
As guests of Mirella, when you sit down for breakfast and behold those fragrant pastries, you might pause to remember that each one requires hours and hours of preparation: kneaded in the late afternoon on the previous day, then placed in the leavening chamber right up to the moment of baking, just before dawn, when the hotel has yet to wake, the kitchen in closed, and only the bakery is up and running.

Starting at 4:30 am, Andrea Sandrini creates croissants of all kinds: with jam, cream, chocolate, or even plain. During the high season, he averages 200-220 of them, at times even more, ensuring that some of the batches are delivered to another Andrea Bulferetti location, the prestigious Bar Nazionale, located in the main piazza of Ponte di Legno, where breakfast is among the day's awaited moments.

Not much time lies between pastries and cakes. Upon finishing one, the pastry chef moves on to the other: and here he expresses his creativity. A safe bet is the apple strudel, a dessert typical of the mountains which is never absent from the daily menu, and is perfect any time of day: first thing in the morning, after a walk, as a snack between one descent on the slopes and another, or at the end of lunch or dinner. There is also an infinite variety of cakes: prepared with apples, berries, carrots, walnuts, lemons, or chocolate, they become a part of every day life here. Not to mention the Sachertorte, meringues, Chantilly cakes, the so-called Cream Swan, and many others. And if there is something to celebrate, we also prepare "custom" cakes specifically for the occasion.
In the Mirella bakery, during the high season, 40 to 60 cakes are prepared every day. And they do their part in making your stay at Ponte di Legno even sweeter.

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